Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years or perhaps your friends aren’t quite as nice as you thought they were and didn’t share this amazingness with you quite yet here’s how a Scentsy warmer works…

You choose a warmer, choose a Scentsy bar (the fragrance) add wax cubes to the warmer dish, turn the warmer on… Enjoy! *See picture below It’s simple and safe. Protected with a lifetime warranty and my customer service!

What’s the difference between a candle and a warmer?

First, Safety! No open flame, no soot, and no worry about forgetting a fire in your home when you step away. Our warmers are safe to leave on unsupervised. Warm wax wont burn kids and pets and although warm to the touch our warmers wont burn you!

Second, the way the fragrance works. When burning a candle you always get that fire/burning scent mixed with whatever fragrance is added to the wax. Our wax never burns and never evaporates so the only scent you’ll get is the one you purchased! Walk up to a candle and smell it, or walk in the front door and smell Scentsy!  Shop Warmers


Warmer finishes include:                                                                                                         Crackle Glaze- for a distinct aged look.                                                                                     Glow- for soft light.                                                                                                                       Hand Painted- for brushstrokes and originality.                                                              Reactive Glaze- for a handcrafted look.                                                                                    Hand Painted + Reactive Glaze- for something different.