Scentsy Laundry

Full Cycle Fragrance! Get your laundry fresh, clean and heavenly scented with our wash-day superstars.

Get it Clean- Laundry Liquid $16 20oz. or 50 Medium Loads of laundry. Pack a punch on wash day with a dirt-lifting and stain-fighting cleaning agents formulated to get the job done! (liquid laundry detergent)

Get it Soft- Scent Soft (Liquid fabric softener) $16 32oz. or 25 Medium loads of laundry. Add to your wash to keep clothing luxuriously soft and reduce static.

Get it Fragrant- Washer Whiffs (Fragrance Booster) 48oz. Tub $30 or 16oz. $12  Give clothes, towels, and blankets a fragrance boost with just one scoop in your washer!  Dryer Disks (Fragrance Enhancer) pack of 2 disks each disk infuses up to 15 loads putting a finishing touch on your routine! $7 pk of 2.

Scentsy Laundry products available in these amazing fragrances:  Aloe Water & Cucumber, Amazon Rain, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Clothesline, Coconut Lemongrass, French Lavender, Go Go Mango, Honeymoon Hideaway, Jammy Time, Just Breathe, Luna, Ocean, Scentsy Clean, Sea Salt & Avocado, Sunkissed Citrus, White Tea & Cactus.

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