Our Story


In the summer of 2008 a good friend of mine signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant, just a few months later she was knee deep in success. I watched from the side lines as she built her business, succeeded in growing a team and building a customer base. All the while she tried to convince me to join her. I was currently a part of another direct sales company trying unsuccessfully to make it work. On December 28th, 2008 I decided it was my time, I was ready to make a go of it so I went to her website that evening and joined her team. It may sound like a crazy date to join but there is a reason behind that date… It was my husbands payday and before that day we didn’t have the $99 to spend. I was so excited about this new opportunity I couldn’t sleep that night, I pondered over what I would become, If I would be successful, how hard it would be, if I could even sell at all, and on and on.

I received my kit shortly after New Years day 2009 and hit the ground running. She was right; I should have started as soon as I thought about it, as soon as I knew about the opportunity! My team began to grow as I shared my enthusiasm and love for my new adventure in February 2009 and slowly continued to grow for the next few months. As the summer of 2009 approached I was selling more than I expected and my team really started to take off. To my surprise and delight I became a Director just nine short months after I signed up, a Star Director 1 year later and a Super Star Director in September of 2011 only 2 years and 9 months into this business thanks to my amazing team, group and all of their dedication and hard work. My motivation and love for this company and all it does for its consultants continues to grow every single day. I am in love with an amazing high quality product that literally sells itself time after time, Scentsy.

Scentsy also gives us the opportunity to grow and expand our teams internationally into more than 10 different countries including The United States, Canada, Mexico, Deutschland, United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Austria, France, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. I knew as soon as I turned on that very first warmer in my home and the wonderful aroma filled the air that this was much more than warmers and wax. Everyone who visited quickly became a customer or a member of my team and fell in love just as I did. I am still running, even sprinting to success! As my 9 year Scentsy anniversary came and went in December 2017 I am still amazed daily at how a small company that started just 14 short years ago has changed so many lives including mine and my families. I have grown so much as a person, a leader and an independent business woman, I can hardly recognize myself. In a time of trial Scentsy remains a shining star, growing and setting a new standard each day. The company continues to present new and exciting opportunities for each generation.

There is more to this story though… I am also a mother of two, a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. My oldest son is diagnosed with severe autism and epilepsy, he has in center therapy for 1 hours a day 2 days a week as well as school, and Special Olympics. My daughter is active in Honor Choir, and Select Soccer with practices and events 5 nights a week after school. My Scentsy business allows me to be here with him and my daughter when I need to be. I don’t have to ask for time off for Dr. Appointments, I don’t have to tell my daughter I wont be there for her school parties, or her soccer games, I choose my schedule and love every minute of it. I am also the wife of a retired Marine, our lives can and do change at any moment. I have moved my business half way across the country multiple times with no problem at all. I can connect and meet with team members across the globe with out hesitation and continue to grow with each new adventure. In the beginning of my story I explained the reason for the date I signed up, I am so very proud to say that because of this business we no longer live paycheck to paycheck, we are able to help others and have a financial plan for us and our childrens future. Scentsy also blesses us with travel opportunities beyond belief, I was able to take my husband to the Dominican Republic on our 13 year anniversary all expenses paid, I have been to Mexico, Key West, and the Bahamas for annual leadership training, I am able to visit new cities each year all across the country.


In this life of uncertainty I know that Scentsy is one of the things that I can count on. Because I do not know if our son will ever be able to live on his own or even read a book at this time I know that we will always be able to take care of him if that is in fact what we need to do. I know that I am setting an example for our daughter, I am showing her that there are no limits to the success she can achieve in life and that obstacles are not walls but only small hurdles. After the last nine years I know that she see’s a mom that is strong, works hard and chooses to persevere. I can honestly say I am so blessed in this life and one of those most precious blessings has been this company. My journey is just beginning and I encourage you if you have ever considered becoming part of my family as a Scentsy brother or sister don’t wait, don’t make excuses to put it off until tomorrow, next week or next month, your opportunity is knocking! Open the door and let me help you do it! I am proof that it is possible, the sky is the limit, reach for it with me! Your journey can begin today.  Click Here

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