On the Go

On The Go Fragrance! Take a little Scentsy every where you go!

Scentsy Car Bar- $6 each or Bundle to Save. Great for wherever you go, lockers, cars, closets, gym bags, you name it, Car Bar can bring your favorite fragrance along! Available in 31 fragrances!

Scent Circle- $3 each or Bundle to Save. Add a burst of Scentsy Fragrance in the car, to a closet, office, laundry room, anywhere the circle can hang freely fragrance goes! Available in over 90 fragrances!

Scent Pak- $7 each or Bundle to Save. Great for our Scentsy Buddies but that’s not all! Slip in a drawer, closet, suitcase, in the car or even in your gym bag! Available in 39 fragrances!

Room Spray- $8 each or Bundle to Save. A kiss of fragrance wherever and whenever it’s needed. Great for bathrooms or anywhere around the house some extra fragrance is needed! Available in over 90 scents!

Travel Tin- $5 each or Bundle to Save. Perfect for travel or smaller spaces. Slide open a little or all the way to expose a gel filled with fragrance. I love tins for under the bag in the wastebasket, in the top of the closet, on the kitty litter box, or even slipped under the seat of my car or in the trunk! Available in 22 fragrances!

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