People often ask.. Why Scentsy? Why Direct Sales? Why not a 9 to 5?

Here’s why… I choose freedom, and you can too!

How far I will go and what I will become. How much money I will earn is up to me. I choose when my days off are. I choose when to vacation and where. I choose to lead not to follow. I choose to be at home with my kids and you can too. I pick a life that suits me not a life that someone else dictates. I choose a product that I love and use in my own home every single day, that I trust and recommend to others. I choose to share an opportunity that changed my life and can change yours too. I don’t 9 to 5 because I want to stand on my own two feed, make my own choices and be Me! I work whenever I want to however I want to and in whatever outfit I choose. There’s no flip chart to present from, no certain mold that I must fit. I can be ME and I know I’m best when I’m just being myself! There are a million more reasons why but think now of a few of your own… The time is never better than now to begin your own journey with Scentsy.

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