Did you ever watch that movie Facing the Giants, more specifically the scene with the death crawl. The coach in the movie demands their “very best” More than average and more than the norm. I played the video for my daughter a few weeks ago prior to a soccer game and since she understands the reference now I use those words before every game. Do your best becomes something we say like “Hi, how are you?” or “I’m good” Mindless greetings or sentiments that lose their power over time. The butterflies and heartbeat fades on all things without thought, without work and attention.

So I wonder… When it comes to our day to day what different lives we’d lead if we actually applied ourselves. I don’t doubt that God has gifted each one of us and secondly that 95% of us don’t even attempt to tap into that power. We excuse away our greatness with the fact that we are tired or over extended. We forget over time that we are capable of more. That we are built for great things, to change lives, to bless others, to share our gifts in all that we do.

As I reflect on days of disappointment in myself or my journey off and on let this be a reminder that I and WE are meant for greatness. That not if but when we give our “VERY BEST” That’s when we shine, that’s when we create moments to talk about. That disappointment is a direct result of lack of effort on my own part. While we cannot turn back the clock we have tomorrow. Tomorrow to begin or simply do our “Very Best.”

-Don’t look around to see who’s watching, Don’t worry about who’s coming up behind you or who’s in front. Simply put your head down and work, work harder than yesterday and longer than the competition. That’s what its all about. Do it all for His glory and you’ve won more than the day.

Until Next time -Aspen