If you’ve seen it 10 you’ve seen it 100 times…

“Join My Team!” “Sell What I Sell.” “Do What I Do!” “Work from Home.” “Do what you love” “Opportunity is knocking.” “join” “Be your own boss.” “Make your own hours.”

The list goes on and on, years ago if you had asked me about direct sales I wouldn’t have had an opinion because I had no experience. Fast forward a dozen years, 10 with my current company, I have a firm and strong opinion on this topic. In case you were wondering I’m about to share it with you!

Direct sales companies as a whole are not created equally!

I will never bash another company but from experience there are a few cautions I’d like you to take.. When seeking an opportunity and deciding if Direct sales is right for you.


  • Check to see if the company is part of the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  • Check to see the company’s core values and that they align with yours.
  • See if the company follows a code of ethics drafted by the DSA.
  • Be sure that you are totally and completely in love with the product you are about to be involved with.
  • Know that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Form your own opinion and know that there will always be critics, just like the people that don’t like puppies there will always be a hater.
  • Ask a million and one questions and be sure that whoever you are talking to is willing to answer them.
  • Read the fine print.
  • Take your time when making a choice especially when it comes to your sponsor.


  • Let someone pressure you into joining or purchasing anything.
  • Believe that Someone is going to build a business for you.
  • Let someone tell you that you cannot be successful or that its a scam. As long as you choose a legitimate and ethic company, success is up to you.
  • Believe someone who tells you a direct dollar amount you’ll make in a certain amount of time.
  • Invest a large sum of money to make money back. With direct sales you should be able to get started with a very small investment and not spend until you profit.

You should never have to join a company to purchase a product. EVER. If it feels like you are signing up when you go to purchase you probably are. Purchasing and selling should always be two separate things and never a trick.

There are so many companies that go about business unethically that direct sales in general has been labeled by a few bad apples so to speak.

What else should you know before you jump on board?

You’ve chosen a company (hopefully Scentsy since I’m bias) and you’ve picked the best sponsor ever (hopefully its me, again bias) Now What? I’m going to share a few secrets with you so that a month or even 6 months from now you aren’t disappointed..

You will NEVER be a millionaire in a year or less…

You will not make a full time income in less than a year… unless you beat all the odds and are a direct sales unicorn. (I’ve seen a few!)

It will be hard. You will have to choose your own success, just like opening a bakery down the street you will have to grow a customer base, you’ll have to wake up every single day and decide to turn the sign to open. There will be no one to tell you to do it and being your own boss while amazing is the hardest thing you will ever do.

You will have to step outside your comfort zone and talk to people, even strangers!