There’s nothing quite like the crunch of leaves under foot or the first breath of brisk air in the morning when fall hits. Frost on the roof tops and sweater weather, boots and beanies, ooooh fall is my fave! Insert record screech here!!! ______________ Because I live in Texas, current temperature 82 degrees. There is no changing of leaves until maybe December or January and there is no frost on the roof tops unless it’s followed by an epic ice storm in which I’ve yet to encounter. Being from the Mid West, Colorado more specifically I am accustomed to a definite fall. The one where I wear long sleeves in the morning and have to shed a layer by late after noon. Where leaves turn to glorious shades of orange, yellow and red. Where dried corn and pumpkin patches are an actual thing, not just a created display on a porch. Where we fill the orange pumpkin faced bags with actual leaves. The fall that you see in pictures of the Rocky Mountains with Aspens turning and the scent of Pine in the air!

This marks my 3rd fall with no actual signs outside my door, and this my friends and sisters of the green grass September and southern side is where Scentsy comes in! (No offense to our northern neighbors whom get the best of both worlds, fall outside and Scentsy inside) Even when it’s 90 degrees outside in September you can bet your booty my home smells of Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl or Honey Pear Cider with pear, honey and spices. I can close my eyes, crank up the A/C and be whisked away to fall. Thank you Scentsy for knowing that fall is essential! Thank you Scentsy for creating fragrances that take me places!

Try one of my favorites or choose your own, but don’t miss out:

Apple & Cinnamon Sticks, Autumn sunset, Cedar Cider, Cider Mill, Cinnamon Bear, Farmstand Pumpkin, Honey Pear Cider, Painted Leaves, Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl, Pumpkin Roll, Scarlet Woods, Sweet Cream Spice, Caramel Vanilla Delight, Clove and Cinnamon, Apple Cherry Strudel, Autumn Hearth, Cozy Cardigan, Grandma’s Orchard, Palo Santo, Porch Pumpkin, Red Cedar & Sage, or Winter Berry Apple Tea.

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