Where do I begin? That’s the beauty of it you see… Wherever you are it’s the perfect starting point!

December 2008 found me and my family in Camp Pendleton, California. My husband was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and I was a stay at home Momma of two. Our son Shane was 5 diagnosed with Autism at 3 and Daughter Megan 2 and ½ at the time. We lived in base housing and if you know anything at all about the military you know that we didn’t have a lot of money. Let’s just say Sergeant pay in the Corps isn’t much.

I had worked my whole life up until our son was born in 2004, at 15 I had my first job at A&W as a car hop on skates. Ok, now I’m dating myself! From there, retail, waitressing, retail management, construction (yes you read that right), cocktail waitressing in Vegas, hosting, trade schools, Nail technician, gas station attendant, Id literally done a bit of everything even two direct sales companies before Scentsy! Somehow as a kid we think there will be this shiny moment when the universe tells us what we’re meant to do or be and we move on a steady course from there right?! I know maybe 2 or 3 adults that are sure to this day they are on the right career path so that leads me to my decision to start my own Scentsy business.

Scentsy World Tour 2009- California

I had met a friend that lived and still lives in Wyoming who had begun Scentsy that spring, she is a small-town girl and was sharing this wax and warmers thing in her community with crazy success. I watched her for several months while I pretended to be working another company. You know how it goes, you buy the kit, you get the stuff you want and then you beg family to purchase every few months, so you don’t terminate.

world tour 2019 california

That was me!

NO clue how to run a business, no idea how she was seeing success! She was then named a founder of Scentsy and continued to grow. By that fall I had seen enough! I’m a challenge type. If I see someone do something, I know then that I am capable too. December 28th , I got on her website and clicked that join Scentsy button.

Why December 28th?

Well, that was Marine Corps payday we were broke until then having just bought Christmas for out kiddos and that little life changing kit was my own Christmas present!

So, what happened next? Let me see If I can condense 10 years into these pages. First, I knew I had to do something different. Something that I’d never done before. I knew I had to grow a team and I knew I had to sell product If I wanted to be successful. That’s what I saw my sponsor do. I swallowed hard and fought through my anxiety to begin. I talked to people, I talked to anyone who would listen. I hosted my own launch party inviting my neighbors and my son’s therapist and teachers and baby sitter. I continued to talk. I set up a table in my driveway to get attention, I read every piece of information I could get my hands on and I did all that over and over every day. Soon I got my first team member, then another then another. We learned together, I taught them to do what I was doing, and we continued to share our excitement about this wax and warmers thing!

By that September 2009 I had risen 5 ranks and had a team of 25! It was working and all I had to do is talk, share and teach others to do the same. I could easily say that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years and wrap this all up because it’s the truth but then I wouldn’t share the best parts!

I was now a Scentsy Director, I had gone to my first Scentsy Convention (now called reunion) and learned one of the most important lessons an entrepreneur could learn. I went with my tiny team and I watched, I watched women of all walks of life walk that stage and get recognized. Then the annual Convention was only around 2300 people but there were awards, recognition and people from all over the US.

What did I see?

I saw people, people just like me. People just like you. Moms of toddlers, Moms of older kids, Women with professional careers, people that knew nothing about business, and some who knew it all, tall, short, coming from small towns where the cows out number the people and big cities where they’d never even seen a cow. We were all there and guess what?!

Success with Scentsy doesn’t discriminate!

If you work hard and don’t quit, you too can walk that stage to be recognized for your accomplishments. I looked at them and I knew that I could too. I knew that there was nothing holding me back. As I write this, I see you and If you’ve read this far, I know you can too. You are no different than me or them, if you have a dream and a drive no matter where you are right now it’s the perfect starting point.

Annual Reunion 2010 Fort Worth TX

Annual Reunion 2010 – Fort Worth, Texas

Annual Reunion 2017 Nashville

Annual Reunion 2017- Nashville, Tn

After that first year we continued to grow, more people joined, and I continued to share and teach others to do the same. This little Scentsy thing grew so much in fact that I could stand in the front yard of my base house and see the houses of 5 other Scentsy consultants. There is a significant power in numbers and the myth of saturation is real but that’s another blog for sure! Me and my team earned the rank of Star Director that fall, and the sky was the limit.

As this Scentsy dream grew into something I couldn’t even fathom I have realized a few things about myself. I am not an outgoing person; I am an introvert, but I am willing to build relationships to make this business work. I have grown a confidence over the year that wouldn’t be possible if I had not joined Scentsy. I now have friends from across the nation, people who are nothing like me but fill my cup and lift me up when I need them. Because I decided to join this little wax and warmers thing, I have people who love me, who rely on me and respect me because of my hard work and dedication. Here’s the thing though… whoever you are right now I can 100% guarantee you aren’t living this life to its fullest! Let me present you with a few what ifs and hope that at least one resonates with you keeping in mind that I have seen these life changes occur in team members and Scentsy friends after they have joined Scentsy.

What if…

  • You were more confident and had more self-worth?
  • What if you had extra income and weren’t struggling to make ends meet?
  • What if you had a group of friends that were there to back you up when you needed them?
  • What if you were able to make your own schedule?
  • What if you could choose your own income?
  • What if you could travel and see places you only dreamed of?
  • What if you could walk that stage and get recognized by your peers?
  • What if you could decide what tomorrow brings?

These are the what ifs I give because they happen, they happen every day and they have all happened to me personally. I’ve heard the scoffs, and the naysayers. I know that not everyone will believe the possibilities of your hard work either and that’s ok! The only one that truly must believe in your dream is you.

Over the course of the past 10 years this life has taken on a few (insert sarcastic tone) changes, just a few. As I said I began this journey in California, we moved to Colorado in 2012 and I began again. I regrew my business and I started talking all over again to build another customer base. My son with severe Autism was also diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013. I believe these life changes are what continues to drive me. With military orders and cancelled orders, we moved in Colorado in 2014. I started again to add to what I had built. In the spring of 2015, my husband was forced into retirement. We moved again to North Carolina and I built again, re-growing each time learning new ways as times changed. We lived in Carolina for a year before moving to Texas in 2016. Whew! What a blessing right! Having a business that moves anywhere with me, where I decide what my schedule is, and I know the product is viable and wanted no matter where I go. We’ve lived in a small suburb city, a small coastal town, on a military base, and now in Fort Worth Texas a full-on city. This business works wherever I choose to work it.

Scentsy Reunion 2016 Kansas City

Scentsy Reunion 2016 Kansas City

I am a full time business owner, a Momma of two, Soccer Mom, Special Olympics Mom, Crafter, Special Needs Mom, work from home Mom, Wife, and housekeeper just to name a few of my titles but know that no matter where you are right now Scentsy can meet you there.

I run training for my team in the carpool lane when I’m picking up kiddos from school, I take my kids to a combined 5-7 practiced a week for various events. I run a household, Dr. appointments, we’re in the middle of home renovations, we have 4 pets and my husband works full time too. Here’s the beauty of it all though. I decide, I choose when I work and when I don’t, and I choose my income.

What is your title? What do you want it to be?

I will continue this journey as long as I am able and here’s why, I never did have that defining shiny moment when the universe spoke and said here’s what you will be when you grow up. I never said I really want to work in multi-level marketing and run my own business, I want to party for a living, I want to join Scentsy and make all my dreams come true. Never, not one of those things ever crossed my mind but here’s what It took 10 years of Scentsy for me to figure out. Scentsy is a vehicle for those who embrace it. It will help you fulfill your purpose and your why in this live and that’s exactly what It does for me day after day. My life doesn’t revolve around selling a product that I love (although I do love me some Scentsy) my life turns around my family and changing the lives of others. Scentsy allows me to nurture those two things while helping me build goals and reach dreams, dreams of travel, dreams of home ownership, dreams of being financially secure, dreams of doing it all while I run life and work from home and I know I wont find that anywhere else!

Me and Collette Gunnell

Collette Gunnell (inventor of Scentsy Wickless) and I at Scentsy Home office April 2019

This is my story, this is where Scentsy met me all those years ago and helped me become who I am today, not perfect but with a foundation to build upon. Scentsy continues to meet me here, today in my office and tomorrow by the soccer field, it meets me at Special Olympics, and it meets me when I make dinner at night in the kitchen. Sometimes in the drive thru and somedays in the front yard. It meets me through laughter and tears and growth as a person and as a woman. I wont ever tell you that this journey has been easy, but It has been fulfilling and I know that this wax and warmers thing changes lives.

Let me guide you, join my Scentsy team and become a part of this family.

Independent Scentsy Super Star Director

-Aspen Calhoun